1. What type of zone is R10A?

    1. R10A means duplexes on 10k SF (as opposed to R10, the old zoning which only allowed duplexes in an R10 zone if the lot conformed to R12 SF i.e. 12k SF). Basically, it’s “The” zone that corrupted the town. The original concept of duplexes was that if a lot if oversized by 20% in a r10 dense zone, they would allow you to do a duplex. When the smart growth plan was approved and the whole Oak street corridor was going to be rezoned to 10k SF lots, the developers realized that OMG they would only be able to build single houses on the lots!! Hence, by coincidence, the township created a new zone called an R10a which allowed the duplexes in the R10 zone WITHOUT the need for the lots to be oversize.. The rest like they say is history.

  2. I noticed your question about the PILOT program. the basic benefit of the Pilot Program is that these properties PAY ZERO TAXES TO THE SCHOOL DISTRICT. ALL PILOT MONEY GOES TO THE TOWNSHIP.

    It is another way for them to say how great the Township is well strangling the School District. If there wouldn't be a PILOT, they wouldn't have had to give the school district a million dollars.