Concerned your property taxes going through the roof?

This Wednesday 5.30.18 7:30pm @ 200 Ramsey Avenue Lakewood is a BOE meeting with public comments. Feel free to show up and ask your own questions, or demand a response to the unanswered questions that  have been raised to the Board Of Education.

1. Why is the board taking such large loans?

2. What money does the board of ed plan on using for repaying the state loans?

3. Will the Board Of Ed borrow even more money just to be able to repay these loans?

4. There isn't enough money to cover basic budget, let alone a loan repayment plan?

5. Will Lakewood taxpayers be on the hook for these ridiculous loans, in the form of a massive property tax increase to all Lakewood residents?

Don't wait until you see a steep increase on your tax bill.

Speak up now, before it's too late!!!!

Let them know that it's not ok.   

Be heard!

Be sure  when you arrive to ask for the list to speak. You must write your name on the list, in order to speak.


  1. רבותי
    Time to speak up!!

  2. Why you focusing on BOE how much are they spending already most of the town sends private. Out of my 11k prop tax bill how much goes to them 1k?

    1. about 6k. well over 50% of property taxes goes to the public schools. do a little research before posting nonsense.

    2. closer to 75% . board of ed is where all the $ goes....

  3. Let the schools close for lack of funds. And all public school students can be bussed into surrounding towns.

  4. They are borrowing tens of millions of dollars, that all of us in Lakewood will be responsible for repayment. Remember, Township does not run a income making business, they tax us to pay their bills. The problem is, when they spend money like drunken sailors at the board of ed, we are stuck paying their BOE tab for them in the form of higher property taxes due.