APPEAL # 3997 =323-325 SECONED STREET= (OVADI MALCHI) trying to change from R-OP zone to B2 causing a parking nightmare (ONLY OFFICES & RESIDENTIAL ARE PERMITED IN THAT ZONE TRYING TO DO RETAIL) (DENIED)

I.          Residential Office Park (ROP)

1.         Permitted Uses:

a.         Professional Offices including:

(1)        Attorneys.

(2)        Accountants and certified public accountants.

(3)        Architects, engineers and land surveyors.

(4)        Chiropodists and chiropractors.

(5)        Dentists.

(6)        Medical doctors.

(7)        Real Estate and Insurance Brokers.

(8)        Stockbrokers.

(9)        Optometrists, oculists, and osteopaths.

(10)      Psychologists.

(11)      Marriage counselors licensed by the State of New Jersey.

(12)      Executive offices, where no product will be displayed for sale.

(13)      Other similar professional offices.

b.         Places of worship including parish house and classrooms in accordance with the requirements of Section 18-905 and the bulk standards below.

c.         Public and private schools in accordance with the requirements of Section 18-906 and the bulk standards below.

d.         Single-family detached dwellings.

e.         Multi-family housing in accordance with the design regulations of the R-M District as specified in Section 902.H.4.b.

f.          Townhouses (not withstanding the definition of townhouse in this chapter, for the purposes of this Section, any townhouse with a basement should be considered two (2) units.)

g.         Banks, including drive-in facilities.

h.         Duplexes.

2.         Design Regulations (all uses except Multi-family Residential and Duplexes):

a.         Minimum Lot Area – 10,000 square feet.

b.         Minimum Lot Width – 75 feet.

c.         Front Yard Setback – 25 feet.

d.         Rear Yard Setback – 15 feet.

e.         Side Yard Setback – 12 feet with an aggregate of 25 feet.

f.          Maximum Building Coverage – 25%.

g.         Maximum Building Height - 35 feet.

h.         Accessory Building:

(1)        Rear Yard Setback - 7 feet.

(2)        Side Yard Setback - 7 feet.

3.         Design Regulations Duplexes:

a.         Minimum Lot Size - 10,000 square feet.

b.         Minimum lot size for newly created lots shall be 10,000 square feet and have a minimum lot width of 60 feet.

c.         Front Yard Setback - 25 feet, except any development along a State Highway shall provide a minimum front yard setback of 75 feet.

d.         Rear Yard Setback - 15 feet.

e.         Side Yard Setback - 7 feet with an aggregate of 15 feet.

f.          Maximum Building Coverage - 30%.

g.         Maximum Building Height - 35 feet.

4.         Conditional Uses:

a.         Automobile sales only on properties that have frontage on US Highway 9 (Madison Avenue).

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